Turning Point For Leaders’ Vision is that all leaders and their families have the opportunity to live happy, healthy and productive lives free from addiction.

Turning Point For Leaders’ Purpose is to provide an environment where the best qualified professionals deliver the most comprehensive program of stabilization, recovery, reintegration and growth to highly accomplished individuals and their families.

Turning Point For Leaders’ Mission is:

  • to demystify the addiction recovery process making it more accessible, rewarding, and less threatening.
  • to uncover the root cause of each individual's professional and personal
    issues so that their addictive and dysfunctional behaviors can be understood
    and addressed.
  • to deliver a personalized, extended recovery program that is unique in the industry.
  • to provide unprecedented support to each of our clients through every phase of the process of stabilization, recovery, reintegration and growth.
  • to facilitate a lifetime of change one individual, one organization and one family at a time.

Turning Point For Leaders’ Goal is to raise the bar and redefine excellence in substance abuse recovery treatment.

Turning Point For Leaders’ Motto is: “We leave no stone unturned.”