"There is a direct correlation between the length and intensity of treatment and the ultimate success of the program."
                                                                         Robert Curry, Founder
                                                                         Turning Point For Leaders

Turning Point For Leaders’ proprietary program is custom designed to meet the unique, individual needs of each of our clients. To protect their anonymity, we never publish, share, reveal or disclose to anyone the names of our customers or clients, or make specific reference to their identities. Confidentiality is at the heart of our business and permeates every aspect of our work.

We expect to work with each client for an extended period of time. As much as is possible, we deliver our services to our clients at their own locations. We work with the best of the nation’s premier residential treatment centers and match them to our clients’ specific needs for that portion of the process.

Our team includes a project manager, executive coach, psychologist, physician, and social worker. We conduct a thorough evaluation to identify and address the core behavior and health issues of each of our clients. The client is compassionately cared for by our team throughout the entire stabilization, recovery, reintegration, and growth process.

Through a combination of intense executive and professional coaching, one-on-one therapy, support group work, family therapy and medical monitoring, the client slowly recovers and is reintegrated into their work, their family and their community. We work with all individuals who are key influencers in the lives of our clients in order to create a Circle of Accountability and support. These may include superiors, partners, peers, subordinates, colleagues, family members and close friends.


In contrast to Ordinary Treatments that end once a person has been physically stabilized, ours continues until psychological balance and social connections have been effectively achieved and the client is back on a track of growth. It is our intention to see each of our clients functioning in his or her highest capacity.

Corporate executives and professionals with addiction issues have special needs which our coaching staff is specifically trained to address. These include the very real fear of not being accepted back into their organizations once they have been “labeled” an “addict”. Backed by the rest of the team, the coach helps our client manage this fear by working with them one-on-one. Using on-going 360-degree information and frank feedback focusing on performance and development, the coach helps them overcome internal obstacles to gaining a new sense of self.

Our team creates a Circle of Accountability to support our clients within their own environment. We stay with them for an extended period of time. We not only support their recovery, we help them re-create their lives and realize their full potential far beyond what might otherwise have been possible.

To see what a typical client engagement looks like go to: Representative Engagement .

We leave no stone unturned.