As a business entity your most valuable asset is your people. You have spent vast amounts of time, energy and expense developing your top executives, professionals and their families. Those failing to function at full capacity drain your organization of valuable resources. Executives and professionals with an untreated addiction can be a liability to your organization. They need help, yet are often the last to acknowledge it.

Our team is prepared to work with you from intervention to stabilization, recovery, reintegration and growth. The goal is to restore leaders to full productivity and enhanced performance.

To ensure success, the process of recovery can take an extended period of time. Depending on the complexity of the situation, intervention or initiation of treatment itself may take weeks to months. Subsequent inpatient detoxification, when indicated, will take four to six weeks, after which time we expect our client to be back on the job with our support. With intense coaching, therapeutic and other programs we will facilitate and monitor continued recovery, reintegration and growth.

We work with the network of people in the executive’s life who are key to creating accountability with them. Our process is a partnership of guiding and coaching our client through the choice to recover from addiction.

To see what a typical client engagement looks like go to: Representative Engagement .