Susan Owen-Langley, LCSW
Client Services

Susan Owen-Langley is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Susan has worked in the field of Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services her entire professional career.

Susan specializes in coordinating all the client services required to address whatever the prevailing issues are for the members of the organizations she serves and their families. Her experience and expertise is extensive and includes substance abuse and other addictions, depression, anxiety, marriage and family issues, aging parents, workplace violence, stress management, work/life balance, grief intervention and counseling in response to the death of employees and/or family members. She also partners with executives and human resource directors coaching them on how to intervene with employees who have performance and/or personality problems.

In 1977, as a student intern, she participated in starting and running the Employee Assistance Program for the International Ladies Garment Workers Union working with two of their local unions. In 1978 she joined a new EAP initiative at Pennsylvania Power and Light Company as one of the original counselors. In addition to opening new offices and providing services to employees and family members, she also provided training to managers and union leaders on how to recognize troubled employees and on effective intervention strategies. She provided services to PP&L until 1984.

In 1984 Susan joined General Electric at their Bridgeport, Connecticut facility to start an EAP program for them. From there she started helping with EAP issues at GE Corporate Headquarters in Fairfield, Connecticut and also at GE-NBC. Susan’s company Comprehensive Employee Services, LLC currently is under contract to GE Headquarters, and Synapse Group Inc., a division of Time Inc., as their EAP provider, and to CIGNA for Critical Incident Debriefing. She also provides services to individual clients such as substance abuse interventions, placement and follow-up.

Susan did her undergraduate work at Skidmore College with a dual degree in Psychology and Social Work. She took her Masters at Columbia University School of Social Work with a concentration in Industrial Social Work. She is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.