Representative Engagement

Turning Point For Leaders never publishes, shares, reveals or discloses to anyone the names of our customers or clients or makes specific reference to their identities.  Confidentiality is at the heart of our business and it permeates every aspect of our work.

Every engagement is unique and all of our work is custom designed to meet the individual needs of each of our customers and clients. The following scenario is representative of a typical client engagement:

Turning Point For Leaders is retained by a major bank (the customer) to work with a high achieving senior executive (the client) who is suspected of having a substance abuse problem.   There has been inconsistent performance, a reduction in productivity, unexplained absences, mood swings and several embarrassing business incidents over the past few months.

Using a Leadership Development 360-degree information gathering process we interview superiors, peers, subordinates, and customers.   In addition we use several psychological assessment instruments.   This gives us baseline information with which to work.

We present the client with the results of this information.  He is concerned to learn that several of the participants see him as having performance, behavioral and perhaps even substance abuse problems.  The client reveals that several years ago he attended a residential treatment program for substance abuse and believed his problem was under control.  He is surprised other people know about this issue and is concerned about his future in the company as well as about his relationships outside of work.  He asks what he can do to address the problem.

Working with the client and the key influencers in his life we create a circle of accountability (see Our Process), and custom design a plan to address the issues with him: FIND A NEW FREEDOM (sm)

We (Turning Point For Leaders AND the client) present the plan to his superiors for approval and implementation.  Thus begins the client and customer’s journey of stabilization, recovery, reintegration and growth.  By the time of disengagement, our client has gained the ability to recreate their lives and realize his full potential.  And our customer has retained their most valuable asset, the employee, restored to full productivity and enhanced performance.